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Posts on ‘May 9th, 2006’

Language Abuse

The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen wrote a column saying (incorrectly, I believe) Stephen Colbert wasn’t funny in his lampooning of the president at the ridiculous White House Correspondents Dinner. Cohen got inundated with emails, a significant number of which apparently came from utter jerks. In a follow-up column, he wrote how the rank hatred from […]

Comment Spam Attack

If you have tried to post a comment here for the first time in the past several days, it may have been lost in the wave of comment spams from the slime who work so hard to ruin every online medium they touch. It appears that WordPress blogs are particularly under attack from these bottom-feeders […]

Citizen Media Awards

Just a heads-up that we’re in the process of creating a Citizen Media Award program. I’ve been working on this for a while, and have several potential sponsors. These awards will be quite different from the just-announced cool program over at the Press Gazette in the United Kingdom, where they’ve teamed up with mobile phone […]