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Posts from ‘April, 2006’

Congresspedia and Sunlight

Take a look at Congresspedia, a new initiative to put our lawmakers under an appropriate microscope — a wiki where we can all add what we know to what is likely to become an essential resource. The site, created by the recently launched Sunlight Foundation, will have editors keeping an eye on the activity (and […]

Personal Bee, Personalizing Recommended News

The Personal Bee is looking quite interesting in its early incarnation. The site says it’s helping information producers and consumers capture the essential buzz from the roar of information washing over us all everyday. We believe that smart analysis of the information torrent coursing through blogs and mainstream news sites, coupled with the abilities of […]

More Undisclosed 'Borrowing' of Others' Words, Sigh…

Harvard Crimson: Sophomore Novelist Admits To Borrowing Language From Earlier Books. Kaavya Viswanathan ’08 admitted yesterday to borrowing language from two books by Megan F. McCafferty, though the student novelist said that “any phrasing similarities between her works and mine were completely unintentional and unconscious.” “Completely unintentional and unconscious” — really? Take a look at […]

Saving the Net from the Real Predators

The Save the Internet coalition is trying to prevent a hijacking of our future. The robber barons of the Information Age — the phone and cable giants — are trying to wrest control of this absolutely essential infrastructure away from the edges of the networks, and put that control back in the center where they […]

New York City Talk on Thursday Evening

Just a reminder to my New York-area friends that I’m giving the annual Hearst New Media Lecture this Thursday evening at Columbia University Journalism School. I’m honored to have been asked, and will be discussing ways that new media can help us do an even better job at living up to the fundamental principles of […]

Wondering About Blogland

Daniel Henninger (Wall Street Journal): Wonder Land. At the risk of enabling, does the Internet mean that all the rest of us are being made unwitting participants in the personal and political life of, um, crazy people? As populist psychiatry, maybe this is a good thing; the Web allows large numbers of people to contribute […]

Tibet 'Disappeared' From Google Earth?

Scot Hacker: Where’s Tibet? When we think about Google being in bed with the Chinese government and blocking access to information about Tibet, we know it’s bad, but we also assume the censorship applies only to Google users in China. Here we have an example of Google’s complicity affecting searches conducted from anywhere in the […]

A Short Tour of the Citizen Media Landscape

At Wednesday evening’s Harvard gathering, the third in a series of “Engaging With the News” conversations, my Berkman Center colleague Colin Rhinesmith took amazingly detailed notes. Thanks, Colin!

Dave Winer on Journalism 101, Etc.

Via Rocketboom, pioneer Dave Winer talks about lots of stuff including journalism instruction for non-journalists.

Principles of Journalism in a New Era

The folks over at the Public Eye site asked me to write a guest posting. I did. They’ve called it “On The New Principles Of A More Diverse Media Ecosystem” — and it’s online today.