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Posts on ‘April 21st, 2006’

A Short Tour of the Citizen Media Landscape

At Wednesday evening’s Harvard gathering, the third in a series of “Engaging With the News” conversations, my Berkman Center colleague Colin Rhinesmith took amazingly detailed notes. Thanks, Colin!

Dave Winer on Journalism 101, Etc.

Via Rocketboom, pioneer Dave Winer talks about lots of stuff including journalism instruction for non-journalists.

Principles of Journalism in a New Era

The folks over at the Public Eye site asked me to write a guest posting. I did. They’ve called it “On The New Principles Of A More Diverse Media Ecosystem” — and it’s online today.

Iraqi Blogger Looking for Support to Attend Journalism School

Jeff Jarvis is raising money to “Help Zeyad come to America.” Zeyad is the pioneering Iraqi blogger who want to attend journalism school in New York.

Tech Industry Versus Citizen Journalists Goes to Appeals Court

Mercury News: Judges take a few swipes at Apple’s arguments. A state appeals court in San Jose on Thursday appeared openly hostile to Apple Computer’s attempts to pry information from bloggers that would reveal who may have leaked confidential information on a new company product. In a lively two-hour session, a panel of 6th District […]