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Posts on ‘April 18th, 2006’

Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace

I’m currently at the Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace conference in Manila, Philippines, with other prominent folks from the blogsphere, like Rebecca MacKinnon, Ethan Zuckerman, Jeff Ooi and Isaac Mao. You can check out the conference blog for a rundown of presentations on “Southeast Asia, South Asia and East Asia in Manila to share experiences […]

Budding Statewide Blog Empire and Other Action in Citizen Media

Weblogs Inc. has launched Blogging Ohio, which looks to be the first of many such sites. Meanwhile, my old citizen-media project, Bayosphere, is now part of Backfence. (See disclosures page.)

Registration is Open for Beyond Broadcast

The Beyond Broadcast gathering will take place on May 12-13 in Cambridge, Mass. It’s not expensive, and we’re assembling a terrific group of folks. Here is the registration page.

J-Lab Grants for Citizen Media Enterprises

The University of Maryland’s J-Lab has announced its latest grantees for some very cool projects that include: “environmental news in the Great Lakes, communities in rural Alaska and inner-city neighborhoods in Philadelphia,” among others. We should watch them all with interest.