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Posts on ‘April 7th, 2006’

So What's the Business Model? Some Suggestions

Steve Outing asks: “Does a new form of journalism require a new business model?” Read his answers here. (Note: Outing is a member of our Board of Advisors; see also the disclosure page.)

New Project: How are Traditional Media Engaging?

The Center for Citizen Media is going to be looking hard at the current state of the art in grassroots content. Over time, we aim to look broadly and deeply at who’s getting into it and why. As part of that research, of the first things we’re going to examine closely is what traditional media […]

BBC Column: Citizen Journalists Joining the Fray

Here’s my latest BBC News column about the changes in media: “Why we are all reporters now.”

Access to Knowledge: a Conference

Yale Information Society Project: Yale Law School will bring together leading thinkers and activists on access to knowledge policy from North and South, in order to generate concrete research agendas and policy solutions for the next decade.