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Posts on ‘March 26th, 2006’

News for Tomorrow in Philadelphia

I wish I could have attended yesterday’s “Un-Conference” about the future of journalism in Philadelphia, where a bunch of great folks met to discuss how a great American city can have great American journalism in an era when newspapers are coming under attack as businesses and news “consumers” (precisely the wrong word, which is why […]

San Jose: 'Future of Newspapers' Panel

UPDATED The Commonwealth Club event is scheduled for Thursday evening, March 30, in San Jose. (Details here.) Howard Weaver, VP of News for McClatchy, which is buying (some of) Knight Ridder, is the latest panelist. Howard Weaver, who was scheduled to be a panelist, has pulled out, unfortunately, but it still should be an interesting […]

Newspapers' Challenge

Knowledge@Wharton: Are Newspapers Yesterday’s News? To remain competitive in the coming years, these scholars say, daily newspapers will have to strengthen their efforts to attract younger readers, make more imaginative use of the Internet, and develop stories, mostly local in nature, that better meet the needs of readers who have thousands of news and information […]