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A Citizen Journalist in Action

New Orleans Fire The BBC’s Rhod Sharp points me to “Portrait of a flashover,” in which New Orleans resident Gibbons Burke, armed with a digital camera and sound instincts, covers a fire. Sample from the text:

It appears firefighters are in the house from what look to be flashlights shining in the window, but this is a reflection of lights from the fire truck. There are six fire trucks on the scene. At this point the men are fighting the fire is in the bathroom of the second story above the front door near the flames.

Something happens and the south wing of the home blows up – fire ignites the hot burning gases that must have been accumulating in the attic adjacent to the upper bathroom. Tongues of ignited hot gases spew out several feet from the eaves under the roof line…

As Rhod notes, “There’s not much out there that qualifies as citizen journalism if this doesn’t.”

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