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Posts on ‘March 23rd, 2006’

Smoking Gun's Latest Scoop: Cheney's Hotel Demands

You’ll find them — including instructions on what channel to set the TV (Fox News; you had to ask?) and what temperature to set in the room (apparently the veep and staff don’t know how to work the thermostat) — in Dick Cheney’s Suite Demands. Makes you proud, doesn’t it?

A Citizen Journalist in Action

The BBC’s Rhod Sharp points me to “Portrait of a flashover,” in which New Orleans resident Gibbons Burke, armed with a digital camera and sound instincts, covers a fire. Sample from the text: It appears firefighters are in the house from what look to be flashlights shining in the window, but this is a reflection […]

Newspapers' Future is Online

Pew Internet & American Life Project Report: By the end of 2005, 50 million Americans got news online on a typical day, a sizable increase since 2002. Much of that growth has been fueled by the rise in home broadband connections over the last four years. For a group of “high-powered” online users – early […]

New West Network Raises Funds

Good news for citizen journalists everywhere: Jonathan Weber’s New West Network has raised equity financing to continue and expand one of the best initiatives of its kind. New West has more in common with traditional media than most citizen media, but it’s engaging the audience at several levels.

Web Writing Tool

I’m going to look at ajaxWrite as soon as the company’s servers come up for air (they’re swamped at the moment). It’s a Web-based writing tool that emulates Microsoft Word, according to the site created by Michael Robertson and his team. Sounds interesting, anyway…