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Posts from ‘March, 2006’

GM Begs Customers: Please Create Advertising for Chevy

No kidding. See this. Then look at this parody — a remix of an ad for the Tahoe gas-guzzling truck — on YouTube. Hilarious.

Legislation Designed to Help Stifle Open Internet

Washington Post: Internet Firms Want FCC to Enforce Net Neutrality. Internet companies yesterday criticized legislation that would give the Federal Communications Commission only limited ability to stop phone and cable companies from blocking access to Web sites, saying the proposal would endanger the open nature of the Web. The bill, championed by House Commerce Committee […]

Distributed Intelligence, Fact-Checking

NY Times: On Web, Error Is Uncovered Through Relentless Pursuit. Starting Tuesday afternoon and working through the night, a group of bloggers dissected a photo and a caption on the Web site of a Republican Congressional candidate in California, Howard Kaloogian, and declared it a fraud. Within hours, Mr. Kaloogian withdrew the picture, blamed an […]

Opinion Laundering

In “Think Tanks for Sale,” Slate’s Timothy Noah exclaims: Among the many revelations of the scandal surrounding the Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff is the remarkable degree to which the capital’s think tank “scholars” can be bought. It’s absolutely true. The sleaze Noah documents so well in this posting is well worth a look (and, I […]

State Department Recognizes Global Media Shifts

The U.S. State Department has posted ‘Media Emerging’, a look at how conversational media forms are changing the nature of news and communications. I contributed a short piece on blogging.

Yahoo's Deepening China Crisis

Rebecca MacKinnon: Yahoo! Abomination.: Yahoo! executives keep framing this issue as black and white: Either you’re in there and do everything the Chinese authorities tell you without question, or you can’t do business in China at all. That is false. Companies can and do make choices. You can engage in China and choose not to […]

Early Bids for Knight Ridder's 'Orphans'

Mercury News: Bidding begins in McClatchy sale of 12 KR newspapers. Los Angeles investment firm Yucaipa Cos. and a group of Philadelphia investors made offers Tuesday for all or some of the 12 Knight Ridder newspapers McClatchy is selling. A spokesman for Yucaipa, which is allied with the Newspaper Guild, confirmed it had made a […]

Still No Answers on Vermont Reporter's Firing by AP

Editor & Publisher: Vermont Paper Wants to Cancel AP In Protest Of Bureau Chief Firing. At least one Vermont newspaper wants to cancel its Associated Press membership in protest of the news organization’s recent firing of longtime Vermont statehouse bureau chief Christopher Graff. Someone — either Graff or his former bosses — needs to start […]

Investigating journalistic weblogs

Alastair Chivers, a journalism student in Scotland, is looking into “journalistic weblogs” and wants input on a survey about the role of blogs in the ecosystem.

Current TV Gets Big Boost

The SF Chronicle reports that Current TV, the cable channel that’s doing some innovative bottom-up work to inspire citizen-generated content, will be getting carriage on Comcast’s cable networks. This is a milestone for Current and, maybe, for the genre. deal to make the San Francisco company’s programs available to more Comcast subscribers.