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Seeking An Organized, Public Discussion of Conversation-Tracking

Adam Green: Forming a memetracker community. What I’d like to propose is the creation of a group blog on which Gabe, Kevin, and a few other memetracker creators could discuss their philosophy of what a site of this type should do. There wouldn’t be any discussion of algorithms and “secret sauce,” but surely issues like whether a thread should be removed after 24 hours is worthy of discussion. (Gabe says yes on this, Kevin says no.) There is no right answer, but it would be great to see the motivations of these authors. The posts could be at any frequency, and hopefully the colloborative effort would alleviate the defensiveness Gabe sometimes demonstrates and the combativeness Kevin seems prone to. Comments would be turned on for this site, which would be where the rest of the blogosphere would have their say.

Hope this gets traction…

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