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Posts on ‘February 20th, 2006’

Rising to the occasion

The American Press Institute’s Media Center Blog “Morph” has posted a few interesting examples that suggest mainstream media organizations might be open to trying new things. If these experiments are any indication of a developing trend, it looks like traditional newspapers might finally start to use new technology, multimedia, and the myriad of cool web […]

China, Wikipedia and Asia

This week The Washington Post is running a series on “The Great Firewall of China.” Reporter Phil Pan wrote an excellent piece describing the history of Chinese Wikipedia and the saga of it being blocked three times over the last two years. (It’s still blocked as of this writing.) While the stories in the U.S. […]

So what is "Newsworthy"?

Washington Post Op-Ed columnist Colbert I. King raises a question that more and more people – readers and journalists alike – seem to be asking: who decides what’s newsworthy today? Interestingly, King came to address this issue thanks to feedback from a Post reader who wrote to the editor after the murder of Marion Fye, […]