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Posts on ‘February 16th, 2006’

Cheney to American Public: Get Lost

Jay Rosen: Dick Cheney Did Not Make a Mistake By Not Telling the Press He Shot a Guy: He followed procedure— his procedure. As Bill Plante, White House reporter for CBS News said at Public Eye, “No other vice president in the White Houses I’ve covered has had the ability to write his own rules […]

Anonymity, Attacks and Credibility

Terry Heaton: A blogging pioneer calls it quits. And so extortion has won a victory, and the blogosphere has lost a pioneering voice. Peggy is brusk and competitive and has made her share of enemies, but nobody deserves the kind of personal attacks this site apparently distributed. Were the attacks libelous? Or merely insulting? I […]

Was Boston Globe Victim of Setup?

That’s the suggestion in a complex tale surrounding a technology issue in Massachusetts. We’re hearing about this because of some digging by non-journalists, not because the Globe has pursued it very ardently (though the paper is responding, apparently somewhat belatedly, to queries). This is a great example of the journalism-watchdog role that is so prominent […]