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Posts on ‘February 13th, 2006’

NY Times Blog Behind the Pay-Wall

Not only has the New York Times banished its columnists behind its pay-us-first wall, but it’s done the same thing with the terrific Opinionator blog by Chris Sullentrop. Even more bizarre, each posting has a “Link to This” hyperlink that goes — you guessed it — to the pay-us-first registration page. Can you say “Sheesh…”?

Does Blogging Have an 'Establishment'?

New York Magazine makes a case on this week’s cover, in an article looking in-depth at the business model for blogging. The good news: It is possible to break into the so-called A List, but you have to work hard to get there.

Air Travel Karma

I’ve used up a considerable portion of any positive air-travel karma I might have had before yesterday. While my nonstop flight was canceled from San Francisco to Boston due to the East Coast blizzard, I not only got to Chicago but then had a seat on what I think was the only United flight that […]