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Pacific Northwest (It's Not Raining)

Bainbridge bridgeI’m in Port Hadlock, Washington, visiting with folks from a newspaper group based nearby. We’re here to chat (at least during my part of the program) about citizen journalism and how it might apply to what they do.

I took the photo on a bridge as I was driving here from Seattle’s airport, using my Treo 650 phone camera. I’m using it as a demonstration of how easily anyone can publish from almost any place. (The wireless network in the hotel is busted; I’m connected via the phone’s Bluetooth connection.)

You can barely make out the snowcapped Cascade Mountains in the background of the picture. Next year’s phone camera will be crystal clear by comparison. This one does video, too, and next year’s model will do it better.

That’s part of the message: the relentless progress of technology that is turning our notions of news-gathering and business models upside down. It’s not slowing down, which means enormous threats and opportunities.

Looking forward to the questions…

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