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Posts on ‘January 31st, 2006’

Q&A About the Center

Mark Glaser, who recently started the “MediaShift” blog for PBS, has posted an interview about this center. Here’s the Q&A portion: Q: Why did you decide to start the Center? Gillmor: Given the upheaval in traditional media, I saw an opportunity to create a relatively independent perch to offer some analysis and help, both to […]

Citizen Video Takes on Bush Domestic Spying

It’s a big download — they should use BitTorrent — but it’s worth a look: “No-Spy Video” is a clever and trenchant look at President Bush’s notion that warrantless spying on American citizens is a natural right of government.

Apple's Brilliant, Infuriating PR

I’ve done a column for PR Week about Apple Computer’s PR control freakery. You can read it here.

Assessing Campaigns and Blogs

American Journalism Review: Blogging on the Hustings. The end of the campaign brought a sense of wistfulness to many Virginia bloggers. Several said they didn’t expect the blogosphere to be quite as open and free the next time around. Candidates, corporations, advocacy groups and paid bloggers – operatives hired by interest groups to blog as […]

Online Journalism Forum, Live Today (Tonight) from London and Doha

UPDATED I’ll participating in a live online “Journalism Leaders’ Forum” at 10:30 Pacific time this morning — here’s the webcast site — sponsored by the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom. I’m in Doha, Qatar, doing video from my Mac using the iSight camera, and it all seems to be working. Then again, […]