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Posts on ‘January 17th, 2006’

HyperCamping and Media

Dave Winer has posted a Diagram for HyperCamp, which looks like a great way to hold a gathering. My only caveat: The blogging table may be too big. I’d have a few tables, with enough distance between them, where people could collect according to specific interest and hold a conversation while they were blogging. I […]

Some Berkman Fellows

I’m at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society this week, doing paperwork, figuring out where to get coffee, getting a library card and Harvard ID, etc. Pictured are two of the Berkman Fellows, David Isenberg (left) and Ethan Zuckerman. (The photo is blurry on the right partly because I shot it with my Treo. […]

Owning the News

Denise Howell has a detailed blog posting about the American Bar Association panel I joined last week in southern California: “Who Owns The News? Attempts by sports organizations and entertainers to control coverage.” My major point was that in the age of bottom-up media, controlling everything is impossible — and a lousy idea in any […]

Glaser Shifts Media, Sort Of

Mark Glaser, one of the best journalists covering the emergent-media sphere, is launching MedaShift in conjunction with PBS. It’s bound to be terrific. More when it launches…

Beltway Blogroll Doesn't Make Better Journalism

Danny Glover (National Journal): Beltway Blogroll: The Courtship Of The Blogosphere. The bloggers not only welcomed the lavish treatment and exclusive access bestowed upon them by the Republican National Committee and the Senate Republican Conference; they basked in it without reservation. They dropped names (White House adviser Karl Rove was the favorite), heaped praise on […]

Apple's Would-be Monopoly

Apple says no when I attempt to view one of its “Photocasting” pages with Firefox 1.5, the most up-to-date browser on the planet in most respects, and definitely the one that is becoming the browser of choice for many of us. Photocasting with Apple’s iPhoto product is basically like podcasting with pictures — a relatively […]