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Posts on ‘January 16th, 2006’

Japanese Media Rebel's Company Raided

Joi Ito: Live Door raided last night. Horiemon has been rubbing old-school Japan the wrong way by challenging the establishment with clever financing and takeover attempts of the media etc. I can see how he would get targeted. On the other hand Japanese companies like his tend to be sloppy so I wouldn’t be surprised […]

Journalists Having Transparency Imposed on Them

The CEO of a company called turns the tables on Business Week by arranging Web publication of an e-mail interview: Since you did nothing to indicate the interview was off-the-record I am treating it as on-the-record (that is the journalistic convention, I believe), and so have reprinted your letter below. I trust also that […]

On the Road

Heading out to Cambridge today. Back online later…