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Posts on ‘January 14th, 2006’

Walling Off Media Content: Face, Meet Nose

UPDATED Jon Fine (Business Week) Putting The Screws To Google. What if 2006 is the year big media players take aim at Google’s (GOOG ) kneecaps? No, not with more lawsuits; the Authors Guild, the Association of American Publishers — on behalf, in part, of BusinessWeek’s parent company, The McGraw-Hill Companies (MHP ) — and […]

Debating a Shield Law for Journalists

I’m at the American Bar Association’s Communications Law conference, at a mock Senate hearing about the so-called “Free Flow of Information Act,” a bill that went before Congress last year but went nowhere. Some of the people who testified, including former NY Times reporter Judith Miller, is “testifying” before one former senator, Slade Gorton, and […]

New Business Blogging Book

The book Naked Conversations, by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, has been released. I read an advance copy and recommend it to business people who want to get a better feel for why business blogging matters.