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Sometimes Anonymity is Vital

I want to point out Blog Safer: the anoniblog wiki, which is helping people learn how to disguise their tracks. I don’t generally approve of this, but there are circumstances — such as when telling the truth in public is dangerous to one’s life — when it’s essential. As the site says:

Across the globe, countries that discourage free speech have followed their citizens into the blogosphere. According to one count, in the last two years at least 30 bloggers (and there are no doubt more) have been interrogated, arrested, tortured and sentenced to long prison terms for the “crime” of speaking critically about their governments. Regardless of your culture, your country, your politics or religion, we believe you deserve to speak your mind without falling afoul of state power. Unfortunately, what you deserve and what you get are not always the same thing. So, for those of you who wish to speak out on your blogs, but who do not wish to risk imprisonment or worse for doing so, we have prepared guides that will help you to blog more safely by blogging more anonymously.

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