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Posts on ‘January 10th, 2006’

Wikinews Interviews – Brazilian Blogger Live

Wikinews, the sister citizen journalism project of Wikipedia, has started an, “Interview of the Month,” which hosts original online chats with “people involved with current events.” This month, the interview comes via Brazil (January 11, Wednesday, at 15:00 UTC, 13:00 local time in Brasília): Ricardo Serran Lobo is a Brazilian blogger who began writing about […]

Google Earth for the Mac

It’s here. Yay.

Sometimes Anonymity is Vital

I want to point out Blog Safer: the anoniblog wiki, which is helping people learn how to disguise their tracks. I don’t generally approve of this, but there are circumstances — such as when telling the truth in public is dangerous to one’s life — when it’s essential. As the site says: Across the globe, […]

GOP Schmoozing Bloggers at Alito Hearings

Michelle Malkin and a bunch of other right-wing folks are in Washington for a “blogger forum” courtesy of the Republican National Committee. She says: The morning session will feature RNC head Ken Mehlman, briefings from RNC senior staff on races, polling, and blogs, plus live-blogging of Judge Alito’s opening statement. The afternoon session will be […]