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Can Traditional Media Adapt?

Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis: The Future Is Here, But Do News Media Companies See It? But the greater threat to the longevity of established news media might not be a future that’s already arrived; it might be their inability to do anything about it. Bureaucratic inertia, hierarchical organizational structure and a legacy mentality have paralyzed many news organizations from developing a meaningful strategy in this dynamic information age.

I’m slightly more optimistic; the media organizations I’ve visited are acutely aware that huge change is coming, and that they can’t avoid major disruptions. Like the authors of this report, I argue that they have no alternative but to adopt citizen media, to make it an integral part of the business. I suspect this will happen more quickly than many of us might expect.

1 Comment on “Can Traditional Media Adapt?”

  1. #1 Jake
    on Jan 9th, 2006 at 7:11 am

    The future will certainly include social sites like A “hard news” version of this kind of site is now in beta (Newsvine) and should have a big impact when it is fully operational.